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Knowing God

It is the greatest privilege in all the world to know God (Philippians 3:7-11) by His Spirit through His Son. At Aulds Chapel, we recognize that how we first became acquainted with God is also how we must continue to learn Him and know Him: through His Spirit-authored, Spirit-illuminated Word, centered on the gospel of His Son. The gospel is more than our entrance into knowing God – it’s our life. We have no desire to move on from this gospel, only to go deeper into its glory.

Because He pursued us, He is now our pursuit. We long to know Him!

In all of our gatherings, studies and services, this is our privilege and our pursuit: to know Him. An essential component of discipleship involves the mind (always the heart!), and there are many opportunities at Aulds Chapel for further learning. For example, our library is steadily growing with some of the best of the most recent gospel-centered writings in the church. And if you want to learn the Bible better with a friend, someone would be glad to take you under their wing in informal, regular get-togethers to help you know God more deeply.

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