Sunday: Classes @ 10:00am, Service @ 11:00am


Making Disciples

Making God Known

It is the most blessed purpose in all the world for those who know God to also make God known by His Spirit, through His Son. As God the Father sent His Son, so Jesus has now sent us on this mission, to make God known.

We strive to make Christ known in our church, by passing the faith on to those who are maturing, to equip them to teach others also; and by passing it down to our children, to raise them up as disciples of Christ. We also strive to make Christ known in our community, by passing the faith out through gospel words of witness, pure conduct, and loving acts of service.

We’re a small church, we know, rather out of the way. But from this hill, we’ve been proclaiming the gospel of Jesus for over 100 years. We have no intent of stopping now!

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